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How to cancel ordered gig?


Hi, I ordered a gig and the seller didn’t start it yet, I ordered it yesterday and it says that they do it for one day but still didn’t get any response from the seller that they’re doing it so I’m planning on cancelling it but don’t know how to, I’m new here. If anyone could help, it will be greatly appreciated, thank you



Has 24 hours passed yet? If not, then wait until exactly 24 hours have gone by. Then send a message to the seller. If they still do not respond, feel free to cancel the order.

I think sellers actually have a 24-hour grace period before the system shows in red that they are now very late. Within the grace period I was able to get my money refunded. After the grace period, the money was refunded AND automatic negative feedback was left by fiverr.


maybe this seller has some problems or something like that… i would wait for a day :wink: