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How to cancel part of an order?

One of my clients changed her mind about her order after I finished it. She I need to giver her a partial refund for the part I’m not delivering. How do I do that without cancelling the whole order?

If you delivered what your agreed project was then do not give her any refund. You cannot give a partial refund. Tell her you will complete it.

If you did what you were supposed to do as far as the delivery then it’s done. She does not get to change her mind and get any refund.


Can not refund partial.

Unlike other freelancing platforms, Fiverr doesn’t allow for partial refund

Whatever a buyer wants to do or change after placing the order, s/he will need seller’s approval. If seller doesn’t approve, buyer will have to step forward according to sellers wish. If you think, you worked as per the requirement, don’t allow her to cancel the order. Partial cancellation is not possible. Either don’t cancel or cancel the full order.