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How to cancel the annoying buyer order


hi all … I would like to ask for input from all of you … a few weeks ago, one came in and asked me to make a logo. where I do not have a gig to make a logo … I just make illustrations and drawings. when he ordered, I kindly informed him that I was not proficient in creating logos and offers gig for illustrative purposes only. but he does not care even when I offered and decided to cancel the gig constantly rejected. I ask the last administration to cancel the order, because the clients have high expectations and even want unlimited revisions. but admin Fiverr, could not even help me to solve my problem, because they do not want to interfere with the sale … then it is, I want to ask how the solution for me … maybe it could happen at all … thank you guys.


Reply to @rajibkumar: yes … I think so … hopefully future Fiverr can also provide solutions for sellers … because some buyers just do not want to understand when we explain politely.


Some buyer’s demand is too high. I have seen it outside fiverr. Let’s see what’s happen to me in fiverr. Still i am waiting for my first sale.


Reply to @belgianwriter: yeah … This is the first time that i found the buyer like this … he even sent me a lot of logo’s theories …like from a theory book … I think he came from design companies who want to find a logo design at a low price . but that’s probably just my thoughts … I could be wrong. :slight_smile: .now i kept tell him to accept my mutual cancelation request …even it’s 3rd times…


Reply to @kjblynx: yes friend … I even sent 3 times a cancellation with the polite words and the words please to understand and your funds will be returned to you without the slightest cut … but he just kept canceling the mutual cancellation … I’ve sent a letter to customer service but part of customer support can not help me … the reason I’ve accepted the job … and they do not want to interfere with the transaction… I am confused , why there is no button to cancel the booking for the seller … so seller can also be protected.


well you had done your job in telling him that you do not do logos. if he or she don’t want to cancel then tell them if they want to chose another of your gigs because that’s all you can do for now is to give them their money back.

you can also kindly tell them that there are other people out there on fiverr who would be happy to make you a logo but you are sorry that you can’t.


That is annoying.

I had a similar problem and I was able to cancel unilaterally.

Maybe this happened because you had not accepted the gig and the clock had not started ticking?

Anyway my problem was more of an ethical nature, which I reported to support and after my cancellation and explanation support did cancel the gig.


Hello all. This is my first time posting on forums. I have clearly listed that I do not promote adult sites in my gigs. Someone ordered a gig and the site is very graphic adult. I requested mutual cancellation but the buyer declined. I sent a message to customer service. What am I to do now?


I think you should contact Customer Support again and let them know that the buyer is looking for something that you don’t even offer. Hopefully, they’ll understand and cancel the order for you.


Ok will try to contact customer service. No I did not accept the job. The buyer just purchased. The buyer did not contact me before purchasing. I did mention to customer that I do not promote adult sites in cancellation request but the buyer did not want to cancel. It is clearly in my gig listing that I do not promote adult sites. Thanks for your replies.


Reply to @coolandcute: i have request more than 5th times and also i sent a link to others logo gig from others seller . but this buyer kept rejected my request to mutual cancelation…it’s make none sense …so i think i will let the time pass , and it will make my rating down…but who care …i will never found his expectation…because this buyer seems to be annoying at the first time he’s order… you sent to customer service?what did they told you coolandcute?


Reply to @bachas85: at the first , i have told this buyer that i dont accept logo design …but he’s kept pushing me to do this job…that’s why i dont know how to cancel this .there is also “no accept this order” button, if there is that button will be more great …so we can also choose to accept or to reject …


Reply to @adnagam: yes.,…i told customer support , but seems they cannot help me of this case …but it’s ok …there is something you have to pay to learn…


This seems to be a big problem. I was coming on to post my similar issue with customers ordering gigs that clearly cost more than $5, asking if I can do it without attaching any documents or instructions, and then disappearing for days and ignoring my messages. How do you actually accept the gig? After they message me and I send a response either yea or nay the clock starts ticking automatically.


Reply to @ellenwright: yea…that’s something maybe will be input for fiverr…maybe seller need "accept or reject"button also …so we can have a communication room at order room before accept the order…so fiverr also will not lose the order without also sacrificing seller comfortness .


Reply to @madscientist: I agree that the seller should have a way to accept, reject and I would even say pause an order pending further input from the client.


Reply to @ellenwright: yes…hopefully fiver admin will read and analyze this the system will be better and better


It would be great if there were an accept or reject offer option on the site. I explained again and also translated via Google Translate in the buyer’s country native language. After the second mutual cancellation attempt the buyer cancelled it. Now have a cancellation rating on gig but at least it’s cancelled now.


Reply to @coolandcute: that’s good new…but that not happen to me …even in the 6th attempt to mutual cancelation …this buyer still refuse it …so i think i will let it …


Finally , after wait …good news came this morning.Fiverr customer support help me to cancelled the gig… i am so happy now