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How to cancel the new order from seller side...?

Any one knows how to cancel the new order without effecting the profile … Buyer send me an order without contacting me…

You can initiate a CXL via the Resolution Center. :small_red_triangle_down:

ALL cancellations will affect your stats, no matter how you slice the :pie:.

Also, Fiverr is setup where Buyers do not need to contact Sellers first.


Any other suggestion plz…

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mention budget is very low …

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Send your Buyer a reminder/message letting him/her know that you need the information to complete the order.

Well, if the Buyer can’t afford the extra services then do what you must. Working for free is not wise.

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He wants to develop complete inventory system in just $5 in one day… How it is possible …

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If you were able to explain it on your gig description what you clearly offer and rates for such you can politely try to explain to the buyer that for the amount he placed in, “this and this” is what you can do, and you may even say “i can throw this part in for free” (if you feel like giving a little freebie) – but be kind yet firm in saying that you simply cannot do everything he asked for the price ordered.

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Say what?! :astonished:

Uh no! That’s insanity :grimacing: cancel like ASAP, don’t work for peanuts :peanuts: and don’t get taken advantage of by this Buyer. If the Buyer can’t afford your services, that’s not your problem.

The project will take 3 days …and buyer is not agree with my requirements…

If buyer create dispute on order then what i have to do…

I’m sorry this happened to you. There really are buyers who purchase directly even if the gig description clearly says to contact the seller first… If you feel like there is no resolution made with the buyer even after thorough discussion, you can bring it up to Customer Support or you can just settle it with a mutual cancellation… Any kind of cancellation of an order will still affect your stats though. :frowning:

Oh no!
fiver should provide the facility to accept order or cancel from seller side …