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How to catch up buyers requests

Hello reputed members. I want to elucidate my self as how to catch up buyers requests. I often hold my cell in my hands for hours and keep on refreshing but to no avail.
And if I switch to other screen even for moments sometimes, the buyer request sec is found full with hundreds of responses. I wanted to know as how the buyer requests are updated?

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Generally BR appear twice a day. I find timings a bit loose and broad but for me about 4-6 PM and probably the same in the morning. They can start earlier but rarely go later. Sometimes there is one “drop” at the start and no more, other times they keep appearing throughout that time window.

Being L1 has meant that they don’t disappear so a lot less sense of rush about it.

You will have to learn your times as they seem to vary between people (or maybe categories).

Honestly, don’t let BR rule your life as mostly they are so horrible that they are a waste of good energy on bad. The few who reply seem to want things for free, or can’t/won’t even explain what they want. All things that are the complete opposite of a professional mindset.

Speaking of professional, try not to do business on a phone. use a real computer with a screen (or three) as that gives you are far better platform. People using phones and mistakenly thinking that tree vague words is enough to describe their needs because it looks like a lot on a tiny phone screen is a lot of the problem here.



Thank you very much for a comprehensive response. As you advised to to rely on BR, I solemnly agree with your observation. But what is the alternative, to communicate with potential buyers.

Try to active on pick hour

This is the big dilemma with everyone and their dog deciding to suddenly be a freelancer as now almost all categories are over-ful with poor offers and many buyers are simply too lazy to want to find good sellers.

It was the inevitability of these places making their process more like a video game than real professional work.


Pick your??? My apologies. I couldn’t get it