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How to change Bank details to some other bank?


Hello everyone,

Can anyone please tell me how to change the bank details if i want to transfer my money to some other account …I am using Bank transfer option to transfer my clearance but now if i want to change the bank details to some other bank then how can i change it as i am not finding any option for this?

To remove my payoneer account

You will have to change that at the Payoneer website. But I am not sure, ask someone who uses Payoneer like @taverr


Ok…which method do you use? Does paypal is a better option to transfer my amount?


They are both good options, but you will save more money with Bank Transfer.


ok…Thanks…but i am not getting any option to change my bank details at Payoneer website as well…


There should be, check the help section.

  1. Go to the Payoneer help and support centre.
  2. Their is a article about changing the bank details having a list of the document that you need to send to them. Here -
  3. If you had been using someone else bank account, tell them to write a letter of confirmation and attach the fiverr profile screenshot as a proof that you are the one earning.
  4. After that, click on contact support on that page and attach all the document soft-copies.
  5. If anything else is needed, Payoneer CS will ask you for that.
  6. After everything is done, Payoneer CS will disconnect your account from Fiverr and close it.
  7. Next, you can create a new Payoneer account and use it with the new bank account.


  1. There is no need to contact Fiverr CS throughout the process.
  2. Be ready for the extra slow Payoneer CS desk that will take 2-3 days to reply to each reply you make. (Mine took about 2 or 3 weeks for completing everything).
  3. There is no support ticket centre, you will be replying through email.

Hope this helps…


Paypal best option for withdrawal, its so user friendly.


Thank-you… it really helped me…It is a long process and i think i have to postpone the idea for now…so complicate process that i have to recreate the whole account again…i really think there must be some more options for money transfer at fiverr other than payoneer and paypal…


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