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How To Change Buyer Negative feedback


My buyer leave negative feedback rating. now he wants to change it and want to give me a positive rating. he wants to know the way. please help me . what is the way


No, they didn’t - 4.7 is excellent, even if it’s not 5*.

Buyers can’t change feedback - please don’t risk a warning for even mentioning it to your buyer.



As mentioned by @merciavideo, Fiverr has made it impossible to change any reviews that have already been posted. Even so much as asking Fiverr’s customer service about it can affect your account negatively (ToS warning).

Therefore, I’d just accept whatever review I have received. EVEN if the buyer says they want to change the review… or EVEN if I think the review was not fair/unjust… I’d just move on. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestion