How to change Country?


Just signed up to Fiverr and created 2 Gigs.

I’m from Canada. But each Gig I created shows the Country flag as a different Country (Spain I think).

I can’t find anyplace where I can change my Country settings. How can I do this?



I’m having the same issue…


I’m also having the same problem, my profile automatically set to a different country tha I’m living in, and cannot be changed. :frowning:


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Put “How to change Country?” in the Forum search box.


Reply to @harooncreative: This question has been answered several times in this forum: please, before posting a question, use the search feature

To answer your question: this could happen for several reasons (eg the use of some proxy) and you need to open a ticket with Customer Support and ask them to change your location.


How to change Country in personal profile or how to change the flag icon



how to change the country in personal profile


Funny it should be rather simple seeing I am from US and in the US and its telling people I am from a little known Island called Kerbati that I have never been to ??? no wonder this site is only five bucks I have hit so many snags, bugs and simply unexplained issues here in a matter of one month while US customers slip off our grid in the US … It is outright maddening and demeaning …


By the way this is the first search result for how-to-change-country @mark74 … X(

I always check forums etc.


Reply to @kensweckard:

Don’t want to be rude, but if you search “kiribati” on this forum, first results are:



  3. not useful



What's wrong with those answers?

Just to show you I'm not fooling you, here is a screenshot:

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Contact the customer support they will change it.


Same problem


Reply to @voiceoverwork: It’s like nobody ever reads.


Reply to @kensweckard: It picks your country from your IP address range. If you’re on some VPN link (or some mobile internet modems) it will pick the exit point of your VPN.


same solution: Contact Customer Support.