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How to change Country?


I am from India, But my profile shows Kiribati country.

How can i change my country as fiverr doesn’t give any option for change.

When i click on side link near country name(Kiribati), I am redirected to profile where i can’t find any Country name or any other things from which i can change my Country name.

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Did you manage to change?

I think there have no luck. You need to contact help.

Maybe fiverr customer support can help you.

@alcymedia @jessy_ajior @officialrajat I hope you people do realize that this post is from FIVE YEARS AGO. What’s the point in responding to it now? :thinking:

P.S: The seller’s profile is now showing “Djibouti,” and not India.

Aaaaaaaand 2 years later.

Are you searching for those threads?


No, you can not change countries. If you want to, you could delete the account and start a fresh one. Did you use VPN at that time?

Open a new fiverr account … :grin::grin:

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Sometimes people are told when they post a question that the question has been answered and they should search for it. So we need to take that into account without being critical when people bring back old threads.

It does appear this one was brought back to self promote however.