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How to change delivery date by mutual consent

Seller & I both want to change delivery date. How to do this.

Seller can go to order page and click “Have a problem with this order button”, there he have option to sellect - Extended delivery date or something similar, he click on that and send you proposal, then you accept it and that is it. :slight_smile:

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Hi, your seller can use the Resolution Center button on the order and ask you to extend the delivery time, then you can accept it, see here:

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OK, thanks a million for your concise and speedy reply.
I will forward it on to the seller.

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Thanks for your help.

Image reference:

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Thanks, Joe.

I have a question about this, both my buyer and I want to extend the delivery. However, it says in ToS that “Several reported extensions” can result in permanent suspension? Does that mean each time we try to extend the delivery? Or is it each time a buyer rejects it or contacts CS about it? It is stressing me out because I have already done it twice with two other buyers. One I offered to give them a free Ebook format, and the other had not given me enough information. What do you think? Am I over-stressing? Or should I be worried?

Reported Extensions to me sounds as if you’d only have to worry if your buyer/s report/s it to CS, which hopefully they won’t do if it’s by mutual consent.
I suppose the worst that would happen either way would be an account warning, and at that point you’d probably have to see to it that you set your delivery dates so that you won’t need extensions, but I’d say as long as your buyers agree or even want the extensions themselves, no need to worry much.
If extensions generally count for gig ranking again is anyone’s guess.

YES! Ok. That is what I thought too! I just didn’t know if “reported” meant “resolve” or “customer support” reported. Haha, but I mean I think it is ok if it is just my third time extending right?

3 times doesn’t sound like much to me, though of course depends, if someone has only done 3 orders and asked for an extension in each of those… :wink:

Oh gosh, Haha ya that would make a big difference. :slight_smile: I watched the tutorial video under the resolve button that says “learn more” and it sounds like as long as the buyer agrees it is fine.

Don’t have a clue. I ended up agreeing with the seller to cancel and start
Sorry I am not more help.