How to change delivery days? (RESOLVED)


Hi, is there anyone know how to change 2 days delivery into 15 days, after someone orders my gig and he wants to extend the delivery days for 15 days… how can I change it?


Go to the order page >> Having issues with this order? resolve now >> create a dispute >> suggest a solution to this dispute >> ask for more time >> wait for the buyer to accept your resolution.


I didn’t see this… I’m only seeing this

What issue are you having with this order?
The buyer is not responding
We couldn’t agree on the price
Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work
The buyer will order again
The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig
I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
I’m not able to do this job


I think it’s probably there in the OTHER >> suggest your own solution >> seek extra time >>

I’d done that only once. I forgot the sequence, but it is there somewhere, for sure.


Hi There, I got It… Thanks…