How to change fiverr account email?


how to change fiverr account email?plz frnds tell me if u know about this


I think, It’s not possible to change fiverr account email.
I should try to open new account with new email.
Happy Fiverring:blush:

Mod Note: not correct info, please check offlinehelpers’s reply.


Go to your dashboard and click on ‘settings’ - you can change your email there. :sunny:

No need for a new account. :roll_eyes:


thnx dear…


Hello, You are truly expert. :heart_eyes:


May be you are right.


Nowadays all websites need to provide a way to change email address. Or any other data. Or else it would not be GDPR Compliant aka against law.


it’s possible. you can change.

from setting you can change it.


you can change. please don’t misguide people’s if you don’t know. I have changed my email a month before. it’s possible and you can easily change it.


you are say right…


you are say right…


I know now…


Go to your dashboard and click on ‘settings’ - Here you seen your email after click here you can change your email there. :sunny


Yes all right…