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How to change fiverr username, I am slipping away from success


I haven’t yet sold a single deal. I’d like to change my user name into something more interesting and colorful.
Is it possible?
Thanks for your help.


Unfortunately you are unable to change your username.


Username would not help.

Focus on how you can help others. Logos, business names, branding only work after you get some customers and please them.


You have no active gigs.


Well that explains a lot! No change of username will help if you don’t have active gigs! :slightly_smiling_face:


You can not change fiver username.

Contact customer support for more details.


you can’t change user name, it’s permanent.


Unfortunately, mate, you cannot change your username; still, you need an active Gig to make sales… be sure to set one up to join the market.


Isn’t possible :slight_smile:


As far as i know its not possible to change the User Name.

if you wish to change the user name … you have to open a new user account with the new user name.

so far you have not sold anything there for creating a new account will be the solution for you