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How to change gig price during an active gig


Hello. How can we change a gig price during an active gig? For example buyer doesn’t completely understand what it is they needed, and really only needed a much lesser gig, how can I then reduce the gig price? I see no option in the resolution center.



did the buyer ordered already ?


Yes in the situation that a buyer has already ordered


You may have to cancel the order and send him a new custom offer to suite the price you want.


Unfortunately, after the order has already been placed, it is not possible to change the price of the order without canceling it (canceling the order should only be the last resort if you are unable to convince the buyer).

You could try and convince the buyer by saying that you are willing to waive the difference in amount from the buyer’s next order (when the buyer wants to place an order with you in the future, you could send the buyer a custom offer at the reduced price).


well the idea is to not affect my completion rate when its not an issue of completing an order, it’s just an issue of misunderstanding and price, in the end there will be an order. Seems like there should be a way customer service can assist.


well in this situation you should tell the buyer politely to continue with it and in next order you will cut the $ which you have taken it now


so spend more $ on something you don’t need at a later time…doesn’t seem logical to me and I’m sure it wouldn’t fly, but thanks for the suggestion.


I just think its funny that Fiverr makes its so difficult to solve simple situations lol. Do mutual cancellations initiated by the seller affect completion rate?


well we can’t do anything about it :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t know what you sell but if there’s a chance that the buyer would buy your gig again, you could try to offer them to pay x amount less on their next order.