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How to change my description?

I have recently joined fiverr and wrote my description. I was happy with it but I recently saw that my description is not complete. It ended like,"…recently I completed my o’l" but I can swear that I finished the sentence. So I want to edit my description but I can’t find a way to. Plz help.


Hello! I believe that your description is too long. Try to keep it short and simple. To edit your description, simply click on your profile photo on the top right hand corner. Once the drop-down menu appears, click on your username (The first option) which will take you directly to your profile page. ( Scroll down and you will see your description on the left hand corner. The image I have attached below will help you find it.

If you click on your username under your profile image on your gig it will take you to “edit description”.

thanks a lot, everyone.

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Try to Put eye catching description, that will bring you to the next step

This must only work on a computer, because I have no drop down menu on my phone. There is no edit description or edit anything for that matter. Nothing happens when I touch anything!