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How to change my email address in fiverr?


I am Moinul Islam, I am from Bangladesh, I am new here, I want to change my fiverr email address. But i don’t know how to change my emails address. Any one tell me It possible or not. If possible how to do it?
Have a nice day!


It’s fairly simple!

Settings > Email > Add your new email > Save changes!


After you request an email change as @thecreativeguys said, you will most likely be contacted by Fiverr asking you for personal identification materials, first transaction codes, and some other stuff (this is how it was a year ago when I requested an email change).

Obviously this is done for security reasons, since there are malicious people hacking accounts and trying to change the emails and things like that :wink:


@Woofy31 I changed my email several weeks ago to my company email and it was as seamless as can be. Only a confirmation required. Nothing more.


That’s weird… why would they make the process so easy for hackers? It was way more secure when they’d ask for personal identification and such… No wonder account hacking attempts have resurfaced lately :frowning:


@Woofy31 Reference:

Look how simple it is.


I’m genuinely afraid now as I’ve been hacked once, a long time ago, but now being so easy to change the account email address, it makes it a perfect opportunity for hackers :cry:



#1 - Create a stronger password
#2 - Hope for the best!

It shouldn’t be this easy.

I’m wondering now if it’s this easy to change the Paypal email.


Did you get confirmation request to new and old email?

I’m concerned as well.


Nope! Only to the new one.


Well that stinks.

So, if you were to change my email, then I wouldn’t know until I tried to log on?

Oh, I just :heart: this. What a great idea! :broken_heart::frowning::broken_heart::frowning:


Yup. You would never know. (Until you login or view the email on your setting panel)


Thank for reply me. all reply are helpful for me.