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How to change my feedback from buyer account

how to change my feedback from buyer account?

What do you mean by this? you received a bad feedback on your buyer account and want to change it?

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yes…Client is asking

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Well as far as I know feedbacks can’t be changed anymore


Asking CS to change it/help in changing it will likely get you a warning from CS.


There have been many threads on the Fiverr Forum on this subject. :roll_eyes:

Even if the Buyer wants to change their revue CS will not change it. :zipper_mouth_face:

In fact in some cases it has been seen as an attempt to manipulate reviews and sellers have gotten warnings :open_mouth: for that as @uk1000 said.

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I find it interesting (and a bit suspicious) how it always seems to be sellers claiming that buyers have asked them to ask – here on the forum – how they can change their feedback? Why does it matter to you, the seller, what the buyer chooses to post in their feedback? And why are you being so generous as to inquire on behalf of your buyer?

What has already been said here is correct – reviews are permanent. They cannot be changed, and certainly not because you want a better review.

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@shamiur_rs your lowest review is 4.5. That is a good review. :wink:

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