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How to change my Fiverr name

Does anyone know how to change my Fiverr name to either my real name or business name? I just posted my first gig and it lists my name as “cliffale.” I have no idea why, and when I go to my profile, my full name is listed. I don’t see “cliffale” anywhere that I can change… Any help on this issue would be tremendously appreciated…

Reply to @madmoo: Again, my heartfelt thanks. It looked like customer support was lacking on here so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the way of actual help. People like you really make a difference to others. Take care, and I wish you heaps of success in your endeavors!

Thank you so much for your help! Yeah, it won’t be a biggie for me to close and re-open. Do you think the profile name makes much a difference in sales? I mean, whether I left it as it is or changed it to something else, would it affect a buyer’s decision one way or another?