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How to change my instrument in the Gig edit menu?

Hi I have a Gig where I do Sitar classes. In the edit part of the Gig I want to chosse other instrument
I inserert sitar in the vox but the sistem ask me for an instrument of the fix list. So i’ m force to choose from one in the list. Only this will appear in my profile Gig.
So I m offering sitar classes but my instrument is Mandolin … ?
Why is like this ? Some body can give any help



You have an active gig offering sitar lessons. Don’t quite understand the problem.

Suggest you contact Customer Support for permission to use the off Fiverr means of delivering your lessons if you have not done so.

Edit: If you want to offer lessons for another instrument suggest you create another gig for that instrument.


To edit your gig, use the following path: Drop-menu from Your Name (at the top right of the Fiverr page); Selling; My Gigs; Grey down-pointing arrow at the right side of the screen for the gig in question; Edit.

When you’re editing your gig, look at the narrow row just beneath the big picture box. You’ll see three small boxes on the left of the row that if you click them you can add pictures. There’re two small boxes for PDF files to the right (which you should also use.) Scroll down a little further and you’ll see the option to add a video.

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thanks for the reply.

Yes I have but in my profile appears as a mandolin player .

please check the screenshot of my profile


I see what you mean. There is only one other seller I could find with the same type of gig and it is also showing mandolin. There doesn’t appear to be a “sitar” choice.

They are a level 2 and pro seller so I am inclined to say not to worry about it.


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