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How to change my order from "completed" to not completed?

Hi there, Im a relatively new buyer on Fiverr, I have 2 orders where I was sent graphics but wasn’t happy with the results so I asked for changes to be made, but didn’t actually click “request modification”. So I just noticed that both orders show up as “completed” but they aren’t…

Now both artists are taking their time delivering the graphics and I’m worried because I only have 13 days to cancel if there is a problem? One is already on 7 days and the other is 4 days. What can I do? Is there a way to change the order back to “requesting modification”? Help?

Yes, this is a problem! You should have clicked on “request modification” to prevent the order from being marked as “completed” which happens automatically after 3 days.
Communicate with your buyer and tell them it’s urgent, you have already waited. If that does not help you need to contact customer support to see if you can get the orders cancelled.

You can still do it, thats why fiver gave you this option of 15 days

Thanks, I contacted customer service and got the one order cancelled and the 2nd seller delivered, thank you