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How to change my payment receiving account

I would like to know is there any way to change account for receiving money.
Suppose, I have added already a paypal account and due to some reason I want to take my payment through my another paypal account. In this case, what should I do?
I would be glad to get the answer.
Thank you in advance!


Contact with fiverr customer support

Is there no manual way to change it?

No Just contact with fiver customer support for better result

Oww :disappointed: Thank you @kala_designer

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There is a very easy way to do it. @bdlad9 There is absolutely no need to contact CS for that. You can do it yourself. Just go to your profile settings…

Then under “Billing”, the first thing you will see is “PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS” beside which, your current PayPal address would be shown and beside that, you can see “Change” written in green text. When you click on that, you will get further instructions on how to go about changing your payment receiving account.


Also, I would suggest do not use Paypal, it’s more expensive then payoneer. Go for Payoneer.

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Thank you! But i am not sure i will get orders in future or not. If i start to get continuous order, then definitely i will open a payoneer account @fogi :slight_smile:

@hanshuber16 ohh thank you very much :slight_smile: Someone was saying on youtube that its not possible to change payment method once it is done. That’s why i was worried. Now you made me clear on that! Thank you very very much :slight_smile: