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How to change my profile name?


Hello i would like to change my profile name, I am a boy but and my first name is quit femine and that’s my user/profile name , that’s making have a few unpleasure misunderstandings here on fiverr ,specially with people who answer me from the buyers request section , they came to me thinking i am a girl , then when they realise i am a boy some of then they just vanish,specially womans they think i am lying to get more clients.
So could somebody please explain me how to change my profile name?I tried everything and i can’t .


You can’t I’m afraid, unless you start a new account.

I don’t think your name sounds feminine at all, or indeed masculine - I really wouldn’t worry about it! :slight_smile:


You are level one and your last delivery was 5 days ago. I don’t think it matters what your name is … which doesn’t sound either masculine or feminine to me either. What is important is the quality of the work that you are providing. I would suggest that you do not get hung up on this but put your energy into building your business. Good luck! :slight_smile:


If you’re worried about it, just tell them you’re called Bob - it doesn’t matter what your real name is! :slight_smile:


Jo is a unisex name and it is in your profile name so why not use that. Problem solved! Thanks for leading me in that direction @offlinehelpers :slight_smile:


Ideal solution! :slight_smile:


You can however put up a pic tht shouts; male over here lol. Best of luck in that regard.