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How to change order quantity as a seller?


I am a new seller and this is my second order. But my buyer placed an order without discussing the details with me. He wants to post 2 articles but his second article is not as per the writing guidelines of the site. When I asked him to update the content, he said just post one article and refund the money of another. I don’t know how to change the order quantity and refund half money of $8. Please help me!


it’s not possible, there is no option for the particular refund here on Fiverr.

Just tell him that you are willing to reduce the price of the next order he places with you — by the said (additional) amount (of course, only if you want to).

I think that’s the best way out. If he refuses to agree to this, you should just tell him in a polite way that it is, unfortunately, impossible to refund part of the order money back to him (since Fiverr doesn’t provide its sellers with such an option).


Thanks for the reply.

work hard and always keep your eyes on buyer’s request