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How to change payment method

Hi all,

How can i pay without paypal and just of card.

Kind regards

Not sure you can.

Unfortunately you cant :frowning: We are FORCED to you scampal. Yeah I said it :wink:

gamersuscentral said: Unfortunately you cant :( We are FORCED to you scampal. Yeah I said it

Big words.

You can use PayPal just as a payment gate, you don’t have to have PayPal account.

Fiverr should add some other payment gateway because peoples from Non paypal- supported country can not use fiverr services.

It’s a shame FIVERR obligates you to use paypal. Paypal is messing up on many of my transactions, therefore I had to stop making purchases on fiverr because of it.

Reply to @delivrygirl: You are right like bangladesh, Pakistan not support paypal,

Its crazy i have tons of money i want to spend on Fiverr but paypal keeps telling i i cant use my debit card and i know there funds on there … so i called my bank they told me its not a issue with them “the bank” and told me its paypal thats not letting the transaction go thru SOOOOO what do i do now???

I´m having the same issue as quazmo…

Any help?.. Anybody?..

need to know more about fiverr, especially as a std i need to know if there are some work i can do here to get paid for. Pls let me know

I see every question and the response is since 2013, are you telling me 3 years later 2016 and Fiverr still only offers PayPal as the only payment option, with no way to change it once setup? WOW…GUESS it’s their sandbox so I guess they decide who plays in it…THIS IS HOW MARKET LEADERS LOOSE THEIR POSITION, MAKING DECISIONS NOT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED THEM GROW BUT FOR THEIR OWN INTEREST.