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How to change profile name


How to change the profile name on fiverr? Please note that i am not talking about the user name i am talking about the profile name which we have added in the profile while account creation, Thanks,


You mean you want to change aizad_dx to something else?

The only way to do that is to close your existing account and open a new one.

Sorry if that’s not what you meant.


Hi, Thank you for your concern. I have specially mentioned that i don’t want to change the user name(aizad_dx). its fine.

I want to change the profile name( For attaching payoneer account.) I forgot my profile name actually.



So you’re talking about changing your Payoneer account, not your Fiverr account?

I’ll let somebody who knows more about Payoneer than I help you with that one. :wink:



OMG are you serious? I want to change my fiverr profile name so it should match my payoneer name.



You shouldn’t change the name.



For your reference, for withdrawl fiverr profile name must match payoneer account name.



Yes - sorry I couldn’t help. :sun_with_face:


If you click on your profile image on the Fiverr main page and then Settings you will see your name there.