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How to change Profile URL?


HI, My Seller profile Gig URL needs correction but I can’t find the way to edit it. Can any one tell me how to edit?


Profile and gig URLs can’t be changed.


Fiverr does not allow you to change your username and urls… maybe in the future they will allow us to do so… you never know :wink:


It’s been a bug for people for some time now. Not sure what they have planned for it.


Nope, You can’t change the URL.


It’s not a bug, that’s how Fiverr wants it to work.

It’s a good thing that sellers can’t change gig URLs, otherwise you could get reviews for one thing, change the gig to offer something completely different (while pretending that you got great reviews for that and not for the previous service), and never get caught.


It’s certainly a bug for me. It bugs the hell out of me. Why isn’t it a bug for people?


Lol he is talking in general… not the coding bug :joy: