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How to change rating in fiverr


How to change rating in fiverr.?Is it base on only reviews?I want to know how to calculate rating.If you know ,please help me to get clear idea about that.Thank you.


As far as I know it’s given to you by your clients


Thank you for your reply.Yes,as a example,some time i got ten 5 stars reviews and one 4.7 review.Then,my rating go down.Why is that? Is there are any system in fiverr? Or is it base on total reviews amount too.??


Obvious your overall will be consider.


I am also new here so I don’t know much but It might be same as other freelancing community may be.


Ok thank you ruchit.:smile:


Yes, it is only based on reviews. You add all your star ratings together divided by the total number of ratings made…