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How to change reviews


Hello everyone, just a quick question, how can i change my review ? i mean, a seller wasn’t so good and i gave to him 5 stars instead 1 or 2
Thanks i will realli apreciate to get an answer from you guys
See yeah
Gil Lopes


I’m sorry - buyers aren’t allowed to change their feedback once it’s given.


So you gave someone five stars but now you want to change them. For that you need to ask the seller to send you a modification request. There is no other way.


“After you leave feedback, you cannot edit or remove it unless you receive a request from the seller.”


But they’re unlikely to if they’ve had 5 stars and know it can only go downhill from there!


He himself is a buyer. Buyer wants to change the review not seller.

@gillopes601 Do you really think he is mad enough to send you modification request to change his 5 star to one star? Never. You cant change it now. Better forget and forgive him.


My biggest concern is how do you rate someone 5 star write that usual copy paste outstanding experience then late on decide the job wasn’t good. I think there is a lot of information that wasn’t disclosed.


You wrote that it was a perfect job, fast and awesome. I don’t know why on earth you would write that if the seller “wasn’t so good.” Something sounds strange about that. Just move on, the seller isn’t going to invite you to lower your review.


Sorry… Grammatical error. I meant to say ‘seller’



After watching friend request in a dark room all alone more errors are to be expected.


l don’t think it is possible to change your review as a buyer. However, you can try to talk to the seller and see whether there is something they can do to edit the order. lf they agree, you can guide them on how you want the final delivery look like


Hmmmm really good question…