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How to change tags?


Hi, i’ve created my first gig.

it had to be approved by fiverr’s staff, and it took a couple of hours.

Then , when it was approved, i did some tag search to see if my gig appeared, and where in the lists.

then i wanted to make a test, and change some tags to see if they were better.

So i edited my gig.

and now, it is saying again that my gig is waiting for approval : "pending review"

and my gig is not seen by this moment by buyers…

my question is : how to change tags without having to wait for pending review again ?


thank you madmo,

i just created another gig, and it was immediately active.

whereas the first that i edited is still waiting for review pending…


So i have contacted the customer support , and they have been fast ^^

it’s so cool, i’m happy to have my two gigs online, i’m so excited (that seems idiot, but i’m happy hihi )