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How to change the gig cover photo steps wise

hi i am having problem in changing the gig cover photo. please let me know how to change it in step-wise . thank you

  1. Click your desired gig
  2. then " Edit Gig"
  3. Choose " Gallery"
  4. Here you will see photo option, now click to chnage (make sure that size: 550*370…Jpg format will be quite good.

I hope you will understand. I tried my best to make you understand easily.

I’ve had this problem where you think you’ve changed it but it stubbornly refuse to change.

I solved it by deleting all 3 images and then uploading the new 3 images in exactly the order I want - I seem to struggle if I upload my images and try to shuffle their order afterwards.


Yes it happens sometime… remove all three covers and upload on by one. and then press save button.