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How to change the gig link?

I change my gig title but the link did not change.
How can I fix it?
Kindly, visit and check my gig title and link.
Thank you!


May its not possible gig link change

Oh no…

You cannot change the gig URL so the gig title needs to bear some resemblance to the service offered.


Means, I have to write new gig for this service? I cannot edit my another gig for it.

If the service is different you will need to create a new gig.


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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“Link” just refers to the fact that it opens up a page/site.

The address is called a URL.

Yes, I am asking for URL.

I know you are, thanks. I’m just telling you what it’s called.

You can’t change your URL.

ok thank you for the corection.

There is no chance to change your URL now . Welcome to create new gig brother

@babii_designs you only able to change your title but gig URL not change anymore it fixed when create gig