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How to change the user name of my account

i want to change the user name of my account. how can i change it? i need your kind favor. thanks


I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to change your username.

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I had the same issue

unfortunately, once you make it, youre stuck with it.

what a bummer eh?

You can’t change your username without closing your account.

This explains it:

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username you can’t changes okay

It’s not possible at all.

Hi there @look_pretty, I like your name by the way! :smiley: Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunate it is indeed impossible to do this. Glad I did my research on this before I registered an account here on Fiverr as my name is also my brand name of my Shop & Travel Blog. However, if you truly don’t like your profile name, I suggest to copy all your work you’ve done first and deactivate your account. After you just open a new account and restore your work. I hope this helps. Kindly, Humberto

The only way to change your username is to close your account and, with the permission from Customer Support (if you open a new account without their permission, you’ll get banned), open a new one. However, if you do that, you’ll lose all of your reviews.

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Hi there @catwriter. @look_pretty is a new member and joined 7 hours ago, so don’t need to worry about reviews :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:

How are you sure the seller joined Fiverr 7 hours ago? :thinking: I mean, it is possible for someone to join the forum YEARS after having created a Fiverr account (assuming that’s where you got the 7 hours from cuz that’s how long the seller has been on the forum). :slight_smile: And a person’s Fiverr account only lets us know the month/year in which they joined.

FYI, the OP joined Fiverr in Sep 2018 and already has 14 reviews on their profile.

Hi there @hanshuber16, hahaha that’s a good point there, To be honest I don’t see @look_pretty link to his/her gig, so I read only the days/hours he/she joined the Fiverr Forum. @catwriter was maybe right indeed. lol! Thank you for adding this :rofl: But how can you see this when someone is not showing their link???

You can just use Fiverr’s search to go the seller’s profile. Or you could also just go to the following link:[Fiverr username]

just replace [Fiverr username] with the actual username of the Fiverr user.

Thank you! One more lesson learned:grin::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi @catwriter, don’t mind my previous comment, you were so right (reviews). I thought @look_pretty joined a few hours ago, but @hanshuber16 reminded me otherwise. I still have to figure out how everything works here on Fiverr :rofl::sweat_smile: Wish you a wonderful weekend. Regards Humberto