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How to change the value of the gig?

This is maybe wrongly asked question. Well, I have some gigs which are less time consuming, than others. But the price is the same. What to do to make them cost more. For example, let say the heraldic logo, there is a lot of work with this, and I know that I could describe the gig as a sketch of a crest logo, not a full one, and add some extras to the gig if someone wants it more detailed, but will customers understand it? Maybe the customer interest will drop?

What do you suggest?

You write in your discription, this is not an 5$ gig! and give your own price in the discription or use extras as option with up to 300 $!

I have ssen many who written this is not a 5 $ gig and they are not blocket!

Reply to @escape_: Since there are many users decide to not offer a base price at $5.00 its time consuming for fiverr editors to crack down on all. However if you are caught you’ll get a reminder to edit your gig and sometimes a suspension.

@escape_ It is against the terms of service to not provide a $5.00 gig. These people you have seen have not been reported. @deesajn, can you tell me which gig of your gigs is time consuming and let’s see if we can help.

I have the same problem with video. It is difficult for the $5.00 to cover the render time alone. Here is my approach. I offer a great $5.00 product, but it only is a good fit for about 10-20% of the customers. I offer a $25.00 package that is good for 60% of the customers. I custom quote anything else.

I provide an incredible product and service on the $5.00 product and it’s not as profitable but it doesn’t happen often. My average order is around $30.00.

The fast food restaurant does the same thing with the dollar menu. Their average order is probably $5.00. They wouldn’t survive if they only offered the dollar menu. They don’t bait and switch people when they come to the counter or pull tricks like, sorry we are out of those items. They serve the $1 menu with the same smile and service.

It’s about advertisement. I believe there is more traffic on Fiverr because people know there is great $5.00 deals, just like the restaurant.

Reply to @landongrace:

Hi, thank all of you for your help.

I actually have changed the gig description (it’s a heraldic, crest logo). For the basic $5 I will design a black and white version and for more colours there is an extra option, so I hope it will be fine.

After almost a week I have to say it works, I mean less work, but more quality orders for better money. Thanks everyone!