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How To Change To My New Email Address

Fiverr still has my old email address, which I don’t have access to.

I want to be paid using Paypal, but when I click the Paypal option I am told that a confirmation email is sent to my old email address - I will need to click the link on that email in order to expedite payment to my Paypal account.

But Fiverr sends the email to my old email address.

I have tried to change this to my new email address in the Settings>Billing Information section, but I get an error message every time I try to do that.

It happens every time. I cannot change my email address to my ACTUAL email address. So Fiverr will send to a dead inbox every time.

I took a screenshot of the error message, but there is no facility to upload it here.

So does anyone know how to change the email address in Settings>Billing Information?

It would be helpful to know, so that I can get my money out.


@gordgoodfellow no option to change user name contact number and mail you can contact customer support they can do


Try not on the Billing information tab but directly on the Account tab, right under your full name field, there’s the email and a “Save Changes” button on the bottom right. I hope you remember your security Q/A, I guess you’ll be asked for it.

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Hi miiila,

Thanks for replying.

That field already contains my new email address, so I don’t need to change that. It is already correct.

For some reason, Fiverr has a different field for Paypal payments, and it is this field that I need to change because it has my old email address, and it is this field that I cannot change.

Fiverr has now thrown an extra spanner in the works by “temporarily” disabling my account.

I don’t know why. I don’t know how long for.

They sent me three emails telling me this, all exactly the same. Three. All exactly. The Same.

Really switched on, those Fiverr people!

I find that their customer support never reply.

I’ve had no customer support for years.

I think billing email is the email you want them to send your bill to when you buy a gig. Don’t think it necessarily would be an issue for you when you want to withdraw your earnings if that’s a different email from your account email.

But if they disabled your account now (perhaps a security measure in case some hacker tried to change your email), you’ll have to talk it out with them now anyhow. Good luck.


Unfortunately it’s that email address which is associated with my Paypal account. It is that email address specifically which I need to change if I want money to be paid into my Paypal account.

The alternative is using Payoneer. My experience of Payoneer is horrific. It took eight weeks to get my own money into my bank account, and it’s an experience I am not willing to repeat.

Thanks for your suggestions, though.

I had hoped that someone from Fiverr would see this and respond. But no.

As for “talking it out” with Fiverr, I think you’re having a laugh. Fiverr do not respond to any of my support tickets; apparently it is their company policy.

Because that’s not the issue with Fiverr. You can’t access your older email attached with Paypal, that’s not the problem of Fiverr.
But thing you could do is to change the email id attached with your Paypal account. I’m sure you can do that.
I’m also using different email ids for both fiverr and paypal.
I hope it’ll solve your problem.

I changed my Paypal email so that my Paypal account has my new, current email address, not my old, discarded email address. It was never a problem to change my Paypal email address.

The problem is with Fiverr. Because the email address which Fiverr associates with my Paypal account is my OLD, discarded email address.(the one that I changed on my Paypal account, remember?). Fiverr continues to associate PAYING me with my OLD email address.

Fiverr will not let me change this to my NEW email address (the one Paypal knows about, remember?).

If I want to be paid I click on the Paypal button and Fiverr sends an email to my OLD email address, which, of course, never reaches me, so I can never click on the confirmation link sent in the confirmation email because it is sent by Fiverr to my OLD email address.

Is that all absolutely clear now?

I have written to Fiverr support about six times and they have not replied.

I have asked them what I need to do in order to change the payment email to the one which Paypal recognises, and they (Fiverr) do not reply.

I have asked them very nicely, several times, what I need to do in order to get my disabled account back, but they (Fiverr) do not reply.

Fiverr never reply.

Is that all absolutely clear now?

Tomorrow some more of my earnings will clear in my Fiverr account, totalling over $200 that I can’t get out because Fiverr will not reply to any of my support tickets.

Is that all absolutely clear now?

Fiverr made me a Level One Seller 10 days ago, then the following day they disabled my account. They will not tell me how or why. They will not tell me when my account will be enabled. They will not tell me anything.

Is that all absolutely clear now?

Has anyone else been in the same position as this?