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How to change user name?


I want to change the user name of my Fiverr account to something that’s more relevant. I found the link to update my public profile and it had option to change image and description but it didn’t let me click on the user name to change it.

Can you tell me where I can change my user name? And password?



The only way to change your username is to close this account and open another one. 5r disabled the function to change your username.

I suppose there are valid reasons for it. I’m not sure what they are though. :thinking:

Several people signed up with a generic placeholder names because they were going to change it later, when all was set up, without realizing they were stuck. Your username isn’t bad, you should see some of the really “off the wall” type names here. :rofl:


Password change:

  • Click your profile
  • Click security