How to change username?


How to change username my fiverr account?, It’s possible?


Nope. You can’t…


No you cant change buti suggest you to contact fiverr customer support for more help/information.


For what? This will only clog up the ticketing system. They cannot help with username changes.
If it’s such a big deal for OP he can deactivate his account and open a new account with a username he prefers. Otherwise, he’s stuck with innovatorytheme.


thnx for reply ,you man there is no way to change user name ?


No - there is no way to change your username apart from deleting your account and starting with a new one.


I see you’ve made your way into my PM box without my permission.
Please refrain from contacting users this way. If you use the :mag_right: feature you can easily find what you need. You’ll find a ton of tips here :arrow_forward:Tips for Sellers!


okay i just wanted to get some tips from you


thnx for response to my reply


Please read forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

Especially this part:


Hi innovatorytheme!

As I know it is impossible. So, I will stay happy with your old one. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thank you


No, its not possible.


It is not possible to change the username