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How to change withdrawal method from paypal to payoneer

Hello folks,

I was wondering how i can change my withdrawal method from paypal to payoneer. Does anyone know how to do this?

Will like to know as well.

i want to know also

If you are receiving money properly and on time through paypal, I suggest don’t change it, I transferred my money through payoneer to my bank account, it’s been a week now, haven’t received a penny yet…! :frowning: except their 3-4 days late replies to my questions…!

This video will be helpful for withdraw Fiverr money to Fiverr Revenue card(payoneer Card)

The same issue with paypal also, Initially I use to get my payment just in 2 days after transferred to bank acc. but now a days its taking 5-7 working days. Is there any alternative way to get payment at earliest.

Please help me. withdraw money from fiverr to payoneer all process complete.

but (after completing the transaction will be revived confirmation mail) not come my mail.

I linked old payoneer card to fiverr. But when I withdraw money, fiverr no worked, they show me the apply page. When I clicked to apply, I got error:

(please see the pictures)

I had contacted to payoneer support, they said I need contact to fiverr.

Please check and help me.

Thank you

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Reply to @olimpicggh: You need to contact Fiverr Customer Support and submit a ticket to them. People on the forum are just users like you.

have you any solution. i have same problem