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How to charge for a novel

I have someone that wants me to do a 11, 250 word novel but I haven’t been here long enough to put a 20.00 gig for 4000 words in my gig and so will this customer have to pay me 14 5.00 gigs to make 70.00 ? and is my math correct on this ? can someone answer me ? thank you

Before you even worry about price I want to offer a caution. If the buyer hasn’t purchased from you before, you might want to try something. I would give them the total price but offer to start on the book for no more than 2-3 gigs, let them read it and agree that they like it. Have them rate the work so it’s marked complete. If all goes well then you can offer another chunk, perhaps a few more gigs and make sure again. Finally, have them place a final order and finish it.

The reason for this is twofold. First they might realize after the first order that they don’t want to continue or you might realize that the full project isn’t right for you. Not much harm done if you have to cancel on a 10-15 sale instead of a 70 sale. Second, there are buyers out there that will order a big job and try to get all your work for free. They’ll get the whole book and then demand a refund or do a chargeback. Either way you are correct that they’ll need to order multiple gigs. Hope that helps!

Thank you, Fonthaunt-so true. I have had buyers ask me to write entire ebooks as well and considering how easily they can get a refund it’s a very bad idea. I would start with some recipes or an introduction, perhaps to see if they like your work. This protects you and keep them from feeling like they have to pay for an entire book they may not be satisfied with. Great reply, Fonthaunt.

Excellent advice @fonthaunt.

Thanks for the props, ya’ll. (Yes, I’m Texan. LOL) I just speak from experience having been caught in the same trap. I prefer all my new buyers to buy a single gig when it comes to writing. The issue of personal taste is tough to overcome and when you add the unscrupulous buyer it’s a nasty double whammy!

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you so much for your input I am so sorry that i didn’t get back with everyone, I didn’t get any messages in my e-mail, which I thought that I would and so I came on here to put in a suggestion and found my messages ha so don’t know how this works to get my messages her I guess that I just have to go into community here and it will let me know if I do, but I appreciate you giving me this infor have a great weekend