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How to charge for website work


I am working with a buyer that is likely going to want ongoing work on a website & database. Most of the examples I see are for the single deliverable projects. How do you handle working with a buyer for these larger items. Do you work in stages? What is typical?


You bring up a good question. I have a lot of clients who would sign up for a weekly subscription of some kind. That seems so obvious, Fiverr has got to come out with a feature like that eventually.


Great shout! I write regular blogs for people, but they buy them individually. Maybe at the moment you need to sell a week or month of support at a time.


Yes it is needed to have some kind of automatically recurring charge to buyers for an ongoing service.

In the meantime you could use the new feature where we charge a buyer in 3 stages. Still, this is not the same as some kind of subscription recurring charge for a service.

You can always offer a service where they pay for a weekly service all at one time at the beginning.