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How to charge more than $995?


Why am i limited to setting pricing to $995. My offer requires $5k starting price. How can i set the pricing above $995?

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I don’t think you can unless you:

  1. Make a a custom offer which can be up to $5000
  2. Apply for and successfully become part of the Pro sellers program.

I can’t see which level you are but I think you have certain limit at each level.

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The OP wants to charge more than $995 for ONE order. :wink:


I don’t know if you get it, but @masonico is trying to charge $5000 for ONE ORDER (NOT “MANY” ORDERS) because, apparently, he needs to charge that much for his gig.


That wasn’t what the OP asked.

You might be entirely correct, but the OP’s question was how to charge more than $995 per gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So… Are you saying that it is better for the seller to charge less and run at a loss… rather than charge $5000 because their gig requires them to charge that amount so that they don’t run at a loss?

I don’t get it… How does that make sense? Feel free to elaborate.

I don’t think it is about achieving a target.

Let’s say a seller is offering a gig that requires them to put in 240 hours (30 days * 8 hours) of work and they have to invest in a certain number of consumables to get the work done. Let’s say that the cost of the consumables, as well as the work hours, comes up to $4,800 and the seller only nets a profit of $200 in the end. Do you still think the seller should charge less than $4,800 for the gig?

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Is it compulsory to accept the offer?


Maybe the work the seller does is technically very demanding… and maybe the seller can find buyers who are willing to pay them $5,000.

I think we can leave the task of finding a buyer to the seller. If the seller is confident that they can find a buyer for their $5,000 gig, why do we have to worry about it? :slight_smile:

It’s entirely up to the buyer. Accept it or not… it’s their prerogative. :slight_smile:


I have 3 offers, the first is for $500AU, the second is for A$1500 and the third is for A$5000.
The level of work required to complete offer no3 will take 10 to 14 days. It requires equipment calibrated to professional standards which clients demand. As a side note many of the people tough-ting professional services are not using calibrated professional equipment, a few are hence their. higher pricing. The $5000AU price is low compared to industry charges for the same service.

My question still remains how can i charge $5000Au for a package?

Thank you in advance for answering my question.



Your question has already been answered by @merciavideo in post # 3 of this thread.

Once you find a customer, you could send them a custom offer (which goes up to $5,000).

The other option is to:

I don’t know of any other way to directly price your gig(s) at $5,000.

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Thanks again for your time

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You could do it in stages of lessor amounts. I would be surprised if any buyers would spend $5000 here but I admire your ambition.

When you talk about charging an amount that high you are better off using an escrow service to protect yourself from fraud and disputes.


Just send a custom offer


What are you selling for $5,000? A TV commercial with actors, editing, and music? I’m just curious.