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How to charge more

I dun know why new seller should start 5$ for a creation.I think for a brannding logo should charge at least 200 for the business.I think our effort is deserve more thank this and why a seller should sell for a logo about 5 as a professional.
Am I wrong or suggest me plz.
I’m so complicated with this.
If we are professional designers and we should not destroy the market like the professionals.
One day creation isn’t good enough for really branding I do you think?
Our sale price have only for a lunch for one day.
Answer me plz.I can’t think about this solution


If you think you’re above the pricing, you don’t have to be on the site.

Or, you could put your prices up.

And you could also try to understand what Fiverr is - a site that drives traffic to you that you otherwise wouldn’t get.


Thz for discuss with me.I’m little weak in English I admit it.I’m new user and I really still don’t know fiverr’s working process.I’m learning from this and I can put all of my effort for my customers for their business and I want to give the for the best.I always worry about my customer cause I love my creation and my customer.What should I do now.Now I give at least 10$ for pricing for branding logo but I’m worry for that I can’t give thme to my best:-(
Cause I need more time for creating to be better

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Set your price and delivery time as you wish. Some buyers may or may not be cool with it but it’s 100% your decision to make.

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I agree with you!

You do have to mind market expectations in what you charge, though. Like on Amazon. Some products are only cheap so they will sell and they are cheap at th expense of the people who make them (low wages). It’s why if you want high fashion, which is very expensive, you have to shop in high-end shops (probably also low wages, but higher profit margins). And it’s why Fiverr Pro is here, to connect with a higher end audience and sell for higher prices.

A good rule of thumb to make sure you are at least accounting for the time.and resources you spend is to determine a reasonable hourly wage, figure out how long it takes you to make the product, then multiply the wage by the hours worked and by resources used. Tweak accordingly if the job takes less than an hour. Then compare that number to similar gigs here and see if it is feasible to.charge it.

I would argue that rate should account for value, not just time and resources, but at least with the above method you can find something reasonable for your income whole also staying closer to market value.

I would apply to Fiverr Pro if you haven’t already. It is rare to be accepted, but is a better fit for what you are seeking.


When I started on Fiverr, I wrote letters for $5 for 450 words. I did that to get some traction and some reviews so buyers would have confidence in me. Now I sell that same letter for $50.


WOW Aunt Vickie…you have done really well! At this rate you will be made TRS in 3 months. Seriously, you would make for a great story on I dunno…BuzzFeed, Marie Claire or even Forbes…the Baby Boomer who made it big in the Gig economy…If I was a member of the Fiverr marketing team I would make you the face of the website. Really serious.

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Thz a lot for all of your Information and I need to be patience for that.
How do u think about my gig.
Is there something wrong? Guess that can I get order.
In 4days I got 120 views is that a good one or lower than others?
I need answer thz.

I dun known some say buyer request offer is bad for seller and I dun know should I offer or not.
Is it a too one or not to get order?

When I started I used to sell massive scripts for US$10.
2 days ago, I wrote & sold a massive script for US$600.

Set your price as you see you are worth.

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Thz a lot to here that and I’m now confused one thing that buyer request offering is a good one or not.That is too complex for me.
I heard one topic from one seller and is really work or not.
buyer request offering is a advertising thing they said and not to do this.
Is that what means and I really dun know about offering the request is a good one or not.

Would you mind elaborating a bit what do you mean with your headline:

Art is theft

and with this statement:

I’m the Carrier Changer From Navigator.I tried to be an artistic cause I really really love it


I love this:

“I tried to be an artistic cause I really really love it.”

OP if you want to charge $200 for a logo go ahead. It’s your own business. No one is making you only charge $5.


sorry guy,I never steal others professional that is called inspiration and that quote is said by “Pablo Picasso”

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Thanks a lot for your comment on that point :smiley:

Good luck with that. Taken out from the proper context, others may don’t get it or get it wrong.
My feeling is that you are underestimating your language problems.


When I got into freelancing, I asked a friend for advice (he’s been a freelancer for 10 years at that point). He told me: “Build your profile and prepare to suffer for it”.

Which I did, for the first 3 months or so. To justify the $5 for myself, I made a rule to sell the designs that only take me 15-20 minutes.

But I sell posters done in certain style. Back then they were pretty minimalist. Also, an event poster has a “life” of a few months. You advertise the event, the event happens, then it’s done. You can recycle it for the next year, I suppose, but you’ll have to hire someone to change the dates (most likely, me).

The problem with logos is that a logo can “live forever”. Decades, for sure. Then you can hire someone to “refresh” it but people get attached to the brand and most likely it’ll have the same idea at the core.

So I can’t justify $5 for a logo (even though, like my first posters, it can take 15 minutes to make). It devalues the whole concept of what a logo is (in my opinion) and boy do you get entitled buyers who are under impression that $5 is a proper market price for it.

This is the reason why I don’t design logos on fiverr. You also don’t have to. I’m also not sure you have to offer your services for $5 when you’re starting. It’s not a requirement, is it?


Thz bro.I admit that I’m weak in English language.
Really sorry for that.I’m not use to with this language.Thz a lot for suggestion me.:innocent:


I think so and if we are professional at this and we don’t need to sell our generated ideas for 5$ even we are news.If we are professional at this, we should not denied the market as a professional.How about my opinion.
It may be right or wrong.
That is only my option.
Cause branding is very important for a business and how can 5$ brand logo can effort for that😇

By the way on this 5days experience I got 1st order with another profession.
That is fair for my 1st sell about 60$.
I got that one from buyer request.