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How To chat and Convince Buyer

I am a game developer and 3d Animation Artist with good experience, I no all the practical aspect of my service but I don’t know how to chat and Convince a buyer to Order me…The theory aspect I am not good
What do I say or ask a buyer to convince him/her?

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Try to understand the buyers choice and talk with the buyer in point of requirements…hopefully buyer will be convinced


To convince a buyer, you need skill in your sector. If you have enough skill on your working sector you can present in them. But if you have less…You have to suffer a lot.

try to Understand clients requirement.


It’s not about sharing your skills with them. They don’t care and doing that doesn’t make you a fit or even credible.

It’s about getting to know the client’s problem and proving how to solve it.

It’s not about you. It’s about your prospect. That’s the biggest mistake unsuccessful sellers make in buyer requests. They make it about themselves instead of their buyer.

Stop talking about your skills and how perfect you are. Start listening to your client’s needs and build a case for that if you are qualified.


I agree Ms Social

My concern comes simply because it is all but impossible to have a conversation with anyone out of BR at all. Today I asked someone some technical Qs about what they hoped to achieve (for a $15 job) and they responded:

My point is
If you can make sound better?
Will be great :musical_score::musical_note::ok_hand:t5:

My answer was:

Of course I can make it sound better. What you define as better may be different from what I believe is better. At $15 I don’t have time to be doing this over and over. I can deliver what I would do if it were mine or follow your hopes - if I know what they are.
This is an album I Mastered (yes it is long & boring):

I will be amazed if I ever hear from them - and probably don’t want to if they cannot define what is important in this (massively underpaid) job as $12 is not enough to justify the probable revision demands (even tho I put 0) leading into cancellation and/or nasty review.

To the OP, I think that if you have proof in your Gigs that you can deliver, are reasonably approachable, and can explain your needs with how you can deliver the results you are probably doing the right thing.

In a specialist field, you should mostly not need to sell too much, merely prove your capabilities. But as you see what I get in Music (and I need to talk to Devs too for Game Scores) mostly are not exactly experienced or capable buyers who understand what they need and what you need to get that done. Most small Devs are like wannabe musicians and seem to think they should be given the work they imagine with no Brief and no budget. Avoid these.

I will advise though to improve your English as you make a few confusing errors that don’t help you seem competent.


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Ah yes, but that isn’t a sign that communication can’t work. It’s a sign that this would be a terrible working experience for you and you might get stiffed even.

Exactly. But this only goes for bad prospects, not prospects in general. If this kind of answer is the only one you get back, then you’re attracting bad leads and not attracting professional ones. That’s your core issue you need to fix.

A buyer thet understands value will make sure he gets it. And they know thet doesn’t happen without making sure you’re on the same page.

The buyers you describe are incompetent.

Amen to that sentiment.

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Honestly raising my rates and focusing on a niche cut the vast majority of incompetent freeloaders out of my life. Now it’s mostly professionals.


Communication is really a great factor. Research and upgrade on your communication skill so that you can know what they want and they can know what you can offer.

Yes. That’s right. …

First thing: you don’t have to convince your buyer. You give a service that solves a buyers problem. That’s all. The problem is another one: (second thing); are you skilled enough to solve the problem? If you know how to solve the buyer’s issue, then it’s easy. You just explain the procedure you have in mind and the customer will ask you to proceed.