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How to chat with fellow sellers

Hey everyone,

Maybe this is a question or a problem that is very simple. But it is quite disturbing for me, so allow me to share it here.

I quite often to look around and read in this forum, at the same time I am also pleased to open the profile of people or the seller here that I think is interesting. At one point I found a seller who comes from the same country as me, Indonesia. I asked to him using “reply” facilities that existed at the forum. So my question is under his posts. then he replied, and so on. I want a longer conversation with him but I was afraid to interfere with the forum because we are talking outside the topic of the forum.

So do you think, how can I chat with him personally. Whether if I send a message through the messaging facility on fiverr will disrupt his sales? I mean, will it also affect the message of the response rate, as when he reply the message from the buyer? Because this is only a regular conversation, so I do not need a quick answer from him because I did not want to disturb hes job. But on the other side I don’t want to disturb his response rate that make he have to reply a message from me quickly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would not often message anyone with the messaging system here. I have done it a few times but it could be considered spam to send someone a message so if you send it, do it once and if he does not reply then stop.

The best way to chat here is to post in Conversations. Chat with lots of people at once without bothering anyone through PM. It is also good because there are many rules in private messaging. There are lots of words you aren’t supposed to write like “pay” even though you might be trying ti write that you pay attention to detail, not pay money. If you want to chat with others in your field or in your region, post that in Conversations and see what happens. PM is mostly for buyer/seller communication.

In the Conversations forum it is not rude to chat and it is OK to talk off-topic. As long as your post doesn’t break the ToS or the forum Do’Do’s and Dont’s, you are fine. Long conversations are OK too, even though it takes time to build relationships. :slight_smile:

Speaking of talking to other people on here…

Someone sent me a message a couple of days ago but when I click on the msg it says “This person can’t be privately paged/msged” but I’m not trying to msg them, I just want to see what they wrote. All I see is the first line of a sentence and nothing else. It won’t open :confused:

Any ideas?

The messaging system is not meant for regular conversations, it is meant to be between buyers and sellers. You can have a conversation in the conversation forum, so that should not be a problem.

Were you having a discussion about Fiverr or about other personal things?

nice tips

Focus on getting sales instead of creating conversations. I would mark as Spam immediately because this isn’t a social network, it’s a marketplace. We’re not here to have ‘conversations’, we’re here to make money. As some members have said, the Conversations section in the forum is good for that, but all the time you are wasting with general conversations is time you could be promoting and marketing your gigs and improve them. Save the random contacting for your facebook page and get serious about your business here on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

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Reply to @j3nnee: It was probably marked as spam before you could even get to it.