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How to check about buyer reviews

Hi Thanks for reading this post.

I have seen many people here talking about that fiverr should introduce feature of displaying the review which a buyer has received from seller.

Well i am going to tell you a little trick that how you can check the previous reviews of your buyer that he/she gave to the other sellers.

Just type on Google.

reviewed by “Your buyer username”

Just replace the the commas text with you buyer name,



We already know that trick because it’s been shared by others on the forum many times - if you really read all those posts of people asking for such a feature, you’d have stumbled across the same trick shared by others :wink:

FYI: it’s not 100% working, because Google doesn’t show all reviews, and sometimes it doesn’t show any reviews even though there are reviews.


Hey @Woofy31 can you kindly mention the post here
I also need to know this


I have tried to find but I din’t find. just I found profile link of buyer/seller
Please check this screenshot


Use the buyer name without commas and click on the link which refers to the gig and search for the buyer review that he gave to seller.

see the attached screenshot

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Thank you. I have understood that. At first I thought I could see all of reviews along with buyer profile same like seller profile. :slight_smile:

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thanks for tricks share

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Thank you, I came to learn about it for the first time. Nice

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wow its great tips. thank you so much

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Thank You for great sharing it’s really helpful

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