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How to check buyer local time when he's online?

Is there any way?

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You should be able to see whether a user is online or not by visiting their Fiverr profile.

could you please help me with a screenshot,
I can’t find.

Click on a user’s name. That will take you to their Fiverr profile.

Yes, just like jonbaas said click user name and then contact you will find Local time section.
If you still didn’t understand i will send you a screenshot.

these are the two things, I can see on buyer profile
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I can’t find time

It is possible that you are still seeing the old style user profile. If so, that old format does not list local time for that user. But it should still show if that user is online at the time you check his/her profile.

is this old view?

Nope. That’s the new version.

If you are a seller, try looking at an order, or at a message thread for someone you’ve communicated with in Fiverr. You should see whether they are online and their local time listed there near the text box.

I can see the time , when buyer is offline.
But when he’s online, there’s no time, just showing online

I believe the time – when it is listed – is intended to give those who need to communicate with him/her an idea of when they might be back online (according to their local time). If it’s at night, they’re probably sleeping. If it’s during the day where they are, they might be on soon.

When that user is online, you don’t need to see what time they might be on according to their local time… because they are already online.

Why are you so determined to learn what time it is near another user?

Because Some of the buyer have the Fiverr app install in their smartphones, which helps buyers and sellers remain online 24/7.

Its in your conversion with buyer top right corner.

You can see the local time in the mobile application (checked on Android) while the user is online, go to his profile and you will be able to see it.