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How to check my gig ranking

How to check my gig ranking


There is no such thing as “gig ranking”. Gigs have no set place in the search results. They will show up wherever they show up, and they will usually move around in the results rather frequently as well. It has also been reported that someone might see your gig in one place, and someone else might see it somewhere else.

Don’t worry about where your gig shows up in the search results. Just be a great seller that your target customers need to hire.


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Well, I’m not sure. I know that’s what Fiverr says, but I don’t think that’s entirely true. As, people who invest more in their SEO are actually the higher level sellers. But, that’s just my personal beliefs.

Hows that connected with ranking? And where is proof?
Even top rated sellers with perfect CEO who was on the first page can be thrown to the last pages.

I know people reappear here as partirte to do SEO and choose “perfect key words” and your gig will be ranked. However it’s only a small part. As fiverr said previously your ranking depends on many factors and biggest factor is your performance eg delivery times, stats, reviews, blind reviews etc etc.

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I know and like I say- I personally believe that isn’t exactly how it works. As you said, ranking depends on many factors.

Each of these factors contribute to your level status.

I’m not saying by any means I’m definitely right- I’m just saying what I suspect.

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