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How to check my own gig in search results

Can I find my gig in search result, if yes then please define method for it.


Just search through your category. Use the filters to define price, delivery time etc. Unless you just made your gig, you should be able to find it in the search results.

Might take a while though.


should I search as a buyer ?

You need to switch to buying, yes.

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Search on your gig keyword on fiverr search box and get more result then scroll down and search and find your gig on fiverr search result.



To search your gig you have to switch your account from seller to buyer . Then you can search your gig with 2 methods.
1.Category search .
2.Keyword search.

Category search: Suppose you have added a gig in logo design . Then if you want to search you gig ,you have to go graphics & design > logo design. After that you have to check the result pages to find out your gig.

Keyword search:When you have created your gig , you have added some keywords.You can search your gigs by those keywords …And you have to check the result page …


Thank you, the way you’ve explained is really appreciable

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Fiverr also has a direct way for you to check if your gig is active in the search system:

Select “Gig” in the first drop-down. Then select, “My Gig doesn’t appear in search”. A light blue box will then appear, in which you can select your gig from another drop-down menu. After you select your gig, it will tell you whether your gig is active in the search system.


Yes you can. you look in your category and you go from page to page until your profile appears, in the case of not appearing you must have some problem with your gigs that are hidden (apparently this has happened to several people), then you must contact support so you can solve your problems as soon as possible


Thank you for your kind concern, Now I’ve learned how to search my own gig only because of you guys. thank you very much.

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Hi guys,I tried looking for my the page my gig is on Fiverr and I couldn’t find it