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How to check on which page our gig is publiched?

Can anyone help me …how i can watch the gig i posted for?? i mean on which page??


You have to do it manually, I’m afraid.

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Switch to buying and search the related keyword of your gig.

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@nazrul_webxpert thanks for your concern but thats not what i asked for i mean how to check on which page my gig is published page number…someone told me their is no option to check it except by checking all the pages one by one


@umairmustajab Yeah. Someone who told you “there is no option” is right.


People already told you that you can do it only manually.
And there is no point of searching your gig because fiverr changing position of your gig regularly and you can see it on a different page from where your potential clients might see it.

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There is only one method, go and check your gig manually.

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