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How to Check When Seller Will Be Back/Out of Office?


I was planning to do a project with a seller I’ve bought from before and he suddenly went out of office. Is there a way I can check when he’ll be back in?




Sorry, no. If the seller hasn’t given an indication of when they’ll be back, there’s no way to check.


They might still be contactable if you’ve messaged them before. You could ask when they’d be available, if they’d be okay with that.

If not then this might be a good time to find a new seller if the job is urgent :slight_smile:


I’m definitely willing to wait! They’re really good, I’m very happy with my previous purchase from them :slight_smile:


I think I’ll wait passed the weekend. If they’re still unavailable, I’ll send a message.

He said he’d love to do the new project I was asking him about, so I don’t think it’s anything to do with a lack of want… Maybe just busy with other projects? The icon on chat doesn’t give me an end date for the Out of Office notification.

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Go to one of the seller’s gigs. It should say the “x is out of office until [date]” at the top of the gig
and “click here to be notified when x gets back”.

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Yup, out until the end of the weekend. Thank you so much!

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I would check back every couple of days. Sometimes people go OOO just because they need a little break from queries, orders and deadlines. Or maybe he’s ill or something. He sounds pretty savvy so he may just want to avoid his ratings dropping while he is taking a break.

Glad to hear your buyer made such a great impression!

If you get to hire him again I would ask if he has guidelines or a schedule for his OOO. If he knows you’re so loyal to him he may be interested in giving you a heads up or something.

Another way to check would be to go to their profile page. The advantage of doing it that way is that many sellers also mention why they’re away, so you can see whether it’s a vacation, or if they’re overbooked, or if they’re expecting a natural disaster or there’s a family emergency… And the reason why they’re away can also hint how likely it is that they’ll be back on that date (or extend the OOO mode).

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Going into out of office mode is the only way to get a break from having to reply to everything including spam and scam messages within 24 hours, so sometimes, that can be nedded to save your mind, even though you’d be happy enough to reply and do jobs for customers you already know, or at least who are genuinely interested in your service and not just spammers.

I don’t mind when former customers message while I’m in ooo, I can quickly let them know if/when I’ll be able to do their job, then they can decide if they can wait or want to look for someone else, and I suspect many sellers feel the same about repeat/regular customers.

And for those who really can’t or don’t want to reply during ooo, it’s not too bad either, as you don’t necessarily have to reply within 24 hours to someone you replied to before.

In my opinion, the best, if you have the time, would be to wait 1-2 days (a weekend worth of time), and then message; the number of sellers who’d be fine with you, as a repeat customer, messaging during ooo, probably is much higher than those who’d be annoyed, especially if you’re someone as considerate as asking here on the forum first instead of going ahead :slight_smile: