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How to check your gig is in which page of search?

Hi guys,

I put my first gig few days back and wanted to check where is my gig in search result.
I searched it from my gig description. Then I found it is in the first place of the result. Does this mean it is in ithe first page?

Hope you guys can help me. Here in below result first one is mind. does it mean my gig is in first page?


shorty; no it doesn’t mean its on the first page.

since you have put your exact description in the search bar, it will only show you gigs with that certain description, and that’s why you are on top. when buyers want a presentation they won’t write all that, they will just write "business Presentation’ or ‘academic presentation’ in that case all the gigs that have that title wills how up, yours too but most likely not on the first page if you don’t have any reviews/ orders.

Heres what showed up when i searched up what a regular buyer would search;

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thank you talaaa. Got it. :slight_smile:

Besides what @talaaaa told you, your gig will appear in a different spot every time you search for it. You can see that by this thread where my Forum Friends looked for a gig of our friend.


I will go through it… Thankx a lot. :slight_smile:

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